3 Things You Must Do in Bilbao, Spain

Photo by Neil Martin on Unsplash

Bilbao, the biggest city in the Basque Country region of Spain, has transformed itself from a drab industrial center into one of the most dynamic and interesting cities in all of Europe. Visitors from around the world marvel at this unique city and its variety of things to see and do.

On your next trip to Bilbao, be sure to do these three things.

Visit the Vizcaya Bridge

A short subway ride from the center of Bilbao is the Vizcaya Bridge, located near the Ria of Bilbao’s discharge into the Bay of Biscay. This unique, iron-clad structure was the world’s first transporter bridge and carries people and cars across the river using a massive gondola.

Go to an Athletic Club Match at San Mames

If there is one thing that all Bilbao natives have in common, it is their love and support for Athletic Club, the city’s storied soccer team. A match in San Mames, a brilliant and modern stadium holding 53,289 fans, is a great way to feel the passion of the city and to live one of the most passionate stadium experiences on the planet. 

Marvel at the Guggenheim Museum

The Frank Gehry-designed Guggenheim Museum was completed in 1997 and has become the most recognizable symbol of Bilbao. The striking titanium-clad exterior of the structure, as well as the collection of world-class contemporary art inside of it, are both things to marvel at.