3 Theme Parks Worth Exploring in Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Ayia Napa, Cyprus. Photo by George Lemon on Unsplash

Ayia Napa became one of Cyprus’ most popular resorts thanks to its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife, but that’s not stopping it from being home to many family-friendly attractions. If you’re planning a family visit to this coastal gem, here are three theme parks that you shouldn’t miss.

WaterWorld Waterpark

Most people visit Cyprus for its picturesque beaches, but that’s not stopping this island country from being home to several amazing water parks. WaterWorld Waterpark is the most popular of them all, and it will win you over with its Ancient Greek theme, and a wide range of water slides and pools, suitable for visitors of all ages.

Dolfins Luna Park

If you’re in the mood for a more relaxed amusement park experience, suitable for families with younger children, consider a visit to Dolfins Luna Park. It’s home to retro-themed indoor and outdoor play areas and your little ones will enjoy its kid-friendly food offering.

Parko Paliatso Luna Park

Parko Paliatso Luna Park is another great amusement park for families seeking a fun-filled day out. It offers a wide range of attractions that will keep children of all ages entertained, ranging from classic rides and games to concession stands with delicious treats.