3 Surprising Passport Facts You Should Know

American passports
Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

Passports are really cool, aren’t they? They allow you to travel overseas and see the beauty of the world. But these pocket-sized books are even more incredible than you think. We bet you didn’t know all they can do! Here are three facts you probably didn’t know about passports, but definitely should.

Your Passport Has Identity Theft Deterrents

If your passport was issued after August 2007, you have an e-passport, which has a small integrated chip in the back cover that stores your passport information and a biometric identifier based on your photo. To keep your passport from becoming a victim to high-tech identity theft, there are metallic elements in the cover that make it impossible for it to be digitally read until it’s opened.

If You’ve Gained or Lost Weight, You May Need a New Passport

If your appearance has significantly changed, you may need a new passport. This includes losing weight, gaining weight, facial surgeries, trauma, facial tattoos, or piercings.

Passports Can Be Different Lengths

A standard-issue passport is 28 pages long, but you can request a longer, 53-page passport at no additional cost when applying or renewing it. If you fill up all 52 pages, you’ll have to apply for a new passport even if yours hasn’t expired.