Don’t Like Partying? There’s Still Lots to Do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Amsterdam, Netherlands. Photo by Azhar J on Unsplash

While it is the capital of the Netherlands and has so much to offer, many people who travel to Amsterdam specifically do it because of the city’s famously lax policies on abused substances. But what if you’re not the type to accept a joint or visit the red light district? Is there still a reason for you to go? In fact, there are plenty! Here are the things that we recommend doing if you’re planning a sober trip to Amsterdam.

Visit the Rembrandt House and the Van Gogh Museum

While it may currently be most known for its partying, Amsterdam is actually also a major city in the art world. If you like art and museums, the Rembrandt House and the Van Gogh Museum are both absolute musts to visit.

Try the Heineken Experience

Did you know that Heineken, one of the most famous beers in the world, comes from Amsterdam? While you’re there, you can have the “Heineken Experience,” which involves an interactive tour through a former brewery and a tasting.

Canal Boat Tour

One of the most striking and beautiful features of Amsterdam’s landscape is its famous canals, which differentiate it from many other European cities. Taking a canal boat tour is a must-have, memorable experience you can enjoy even sober.