3 Stunning Waterfalls That You Shouldn’t Miss in Tasmania’s Mount Field National Park

Russell Falls, Tasmania
Russell Falls, Tasmania. Photo by Donovan Simpkin on Unsplash

Tasmania is home to more stunning waterfalls than we can count, and some of the very best are located in the heart of Mount Field. This national park is home to some of Tasmania’s most captivating natural wonders – starting with these three scenic waterfalls.

Russell Falls

One of the most splendid waterfalls gracing the trails of Mount Field, Russell Falls is so iconic that it even made it to one of Australia’s first postage stamps. You’ll have to take a walk through the lush forest to witness this captivating tiered–cascade miracle in its full glory.

Lady Barron Falls

Lady Barron Falls is a part of Mount Field’s Loop Walk, and you’ll love the trail leading to it if you’re a huge hiking lover. With a height of approximately 8 meters, this waterfall is pretty small, but its glistening waters are still a sight to behold, especially if you get to see it shortly after rainfall.

Horseshoe Falls

Safely tucked away upstream from Russell Falls, this waterfall borrows its name from the cascade’s graceful horseshoe-shaped flow. The ferns and moss-covered rocks serve as a serene backdrop for this scenic waterfall, which is regarded as one of Mount Field’s most magnificent treasures.