3 Stunning Botanical Gardens Worth Checking Out in Brazil

Botanical garden, Curitiba, Brazil
Botanical garden, Curitiba, Brazil. Image by Jerzy Andrzej Kucia from Pixabay

The natural beauty of Brazil knows no bounds, and you don’t even have to step outside the major cities to enjoy it to the fullest. Stunning botanical gardens are scattered all around this Latin American country, and these three will make you appreciate Brazil’s diverse plant life.

Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden

Rio de Janeiro is usually the first city people visit in Brazil, and it’s home to one of the most splendid botanical gardens in this corner of the world. Nestled at the slopes of Corcovado Mountain, this green oasis is home to 6,500 species of plants from all around the world, which cover 130 acres of land.

São Paulo Botanical Garden

The botanical garden in São Paulo is equally impressive and even bigger than the one in Rio. Located in the heart of the Fontes do Ipiranga State Park, this specious garden cover 400 acres, and it will win you over with its diverse collection, walking trails, and sculptures.

Botanical Garden of Curitiba

Curitiba is one of Brazil’s best-hidden secrets, and its botanical garden is just as charming as the city itself. Its art nouveau greenhouse is definitely its shiniest star, but you won’t be disappointed by its beautifully manicured French gardens and diverse plants hiding inside.