3 Must See Places in Tierra del Fuego

Martillo Island, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego.
Photo by Agus Buscaglia on Unsplash

Tierra del Fuego island is one of the most remote spots in South America. Split in two by a border, you can hop between the Chilean and the Argentinean side of Tierra del Fuego. It is often said that once you’ve reached this secluded corner of the Andes you’ve truly reached the end of the world. But in fact, Tierra del Fuego offers an epic journey through evergreen forests and forgotten fjords. Here are some of the spots you shouldn’t miss.

The Pinguino Rey Park

Parque Pinguino Rey is home to the only colony of king penguins outside the subarctic islands. It all started as a group of right seemingly lost penguins that washed up the horse in 2010. Today, Tierra del Fuego is home to a colony of nearly 100 penguins thanks to the creation of this private park.

Karukinka National Park

On this 300,000 hectare reserve, you can ding culpeo foxes, tuco-tucos, and guanacos as well as many other unique animals roaming around. Karukinka offers a basic guesthouse, as well as 6 domes and 10 camping sites.

Cape Horn

A boat ride through the Beagle Channel will take you to one of the most iconic places in Tierra del Fuego, Cape Horn. Here, you can gaze out at the place where the Atlantic meets the Pacific.