Three Cities to Visit in Ukraine After Kyiv

Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Kharkiv, Ukraine. Photo by Maksym Pozniak-Haraburda on Unsplash

Most people start their journey through a new country from its capital. If the country in question happens to be Ukraine, Kyiv is probably the first city you’re going to visit, but your trip shouldn’t end there. Ukraine has several more amazing cities in store, and these three are worth the visit.


One of the country’s main cultural centers, Lviv will win you over with its stunning architecture which bears obvious traces of the city’s Polish and Austro-Hungarian heritage. From its renaissance Rynok Square to beautiful castles and churches, this city is filled with architectural gems that will take your breath away.


Ukraine’s second-largest city is also heaven on Earth for architecture aficionados, but nature lovers will feel right at home during their visit because it’s home to pretty amazing parks, zoos, and botanical gardens.


If you have a special place in your heart for seaside cities, Odesa will knock you off your feet. Located on the shores of the Black Sea, this port city has something in store for everyone, from beautiful beaches and 19th-century architecture to the iconic Potemkin Stairs, one of the city’s most recognizable symbols.