3 Magical Beaches In Costa Rica

A surfer in Costa Rica
Photo by Zachary Shea on Unsplash

Costa Rica is a paradise of sun, sea, and jungles. This tiny country, located in Central America, has become a center of pilgrimage for beginner and professional surfers from all over the world. And even if surfing isn’t your thing, the beaches in Costa Rica are simply dreamy. Here are three beaches you must visit on your next trip to Costa Rica.

Playa Jaco

One of the best and most loved surfing sites in Costa Rica, with beautiful golden sand, Playa Jaco has gained popularity due to its ideal location near the city of San Jose, and the special tube waves it offers, which are ideal for extreme surfing.

Playa Virador

Recommended for those seeking a quiet beach, good food, and cocktails, Virador Beach, located on a small beautiful bay, offers a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, luxury restaurants, and a luxury spa. Visitors to Playa Virador will find many great hotels to stay in for several days for the best experience.

Playa Hermosa

One of the most famous and beloved beaches in Costa Rica is Hermosa Beach. The beach attracts mainly surfers as it offers challenging surfing conditions and extremely high waves. The beach is about 6 hours drive from San Jose.