3 Hair Products You Need in Humid Environments

Woman Standing on Road
Photo by Athena via Pexels

Have you just booked your next vacation to a stunning tropical island? Or perhaps you’re looking to explore Southern Europe this summer, or discover Florida’s vast and expansive Everglades? Whenever you’re heading to a humid environment, you need to consider how your hair will react. Even if your hair is normally smooth and entirely frizz-free, staying somewhere hot and humid can bring out the frizz while simultaneously leaving your hair lank and lackluster. Check out these hair-saving products which you’ll need to pack with you if you’re heading somewhere humid.

Hair Oil

Hair oil is great at smoothing down frizz and taming flyaways, and it can also seal the hair follicles against that pesky humidity. It’s best applied to damp hair, at the end of your styling regime. You can also smooth a tiny amount over dry hair, but take care as just a bit too much can leave your hair looking oily and lank.

Leave-In Conditioner

If you’re someone who can normally wash your hair and go, you may find that you need to allow a little more styling time in a hot, humid environment. Once you’ve washed and conditioned your hair, applying a bit of leave-in conditioner can really help combat frizz and lack of volume. If your hair is fine or shorter, start with a dime-sized amount, or opt for a lighter spray-in conditioner. Rake it through your damp hair with your fingers before drying.

Dry Shampoo

For some people, a hotter, more humid environment can actually lead to increased oil in their hair, resulting in a greasy look. Pack a small bottle of dry shampoo, to combat oily roots. This will also save you time when you’re on vacation, so you can focus on checking out another bar or lounging by the pool, rather than re-washing and styling your hair.