3 Supplements You Should Take on Vacation

Bottle of heart-shaped pills
Photo by Yulia Matvienko on Unsplash

Supplements may be a part of your daily routine, or something you’ve considered once or twice but never bothered with. While everyone will have specific needs when it comes to taking supplements, there are some that can help nearly all of us, especially when we’re on vacation. Taking a break away normally means relaxing, exploring new places, and trying delicious food and drink. The change in pace and lifestyle leaves most of us feeling refreshed and content, but sometimes this break in routine can leave our bodies lacking in certain key nutrients. Check out these key supplements which most of us will benefit from taking on vacation.

Vitamin B12

If you’ve got an early flight or a long train journey to your vacation destination, there is a risk that you will arrive feeling exhausted and irritable. Vitamin B12 is essential when it comes to regulating energy levels, and it can help reduce feelings of fatigue and tiredness. It’s naturally found in red meat, so you can seek this out on the menu when you’re away, but this isn’t always possible depending on where you are. Taking some supplements with you can reduce the risk of tiredness and fatigue on vacation.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is found in lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, so the chances are you should be able to get a naturally healthy dose of it from your diet while you’re on vacation. However, if you’re really keen to avoid getting ill after sitting in the recycled air of a plane for four hours, taking an extra supplement won’t hurt. Vitamin C is also important for skin health, so can help you maintain your glow even when you’re away from most of your trusted cosmetics and skincare products.


Many people find that a change of diet and drinking water, combined with the stress of travel, can leave them with an upset stomach on the first few days of their vacation. Take care of your gut health and keep your body happy with some probiotic supplements. These contain billions of healthy bacteria to support the digestive system and reduce the risk of tummy troubles when you should be enjoying your holiday.