3 Family-friendly Museums to Visit in Guadalajara, Mexico

Photo by Roman Lopez on Unsplash

Traveling with kids can be tough because popular tourist spots usually don’t hold their attention for too long. If you find yourself struggling to keep your little ones entertained while in Guadalajara, these three kid-friendly museums are just the thing for you.

Trompo Mágico Museum

Located in the municipality Zapopan, Trompo is one of the most popular family-friendly spots in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area. This offbeat science museum features interactive exhibits and colorful outdoor area for your kids to get out and play.

Museo de Cara

Wax museums are usually one of those things people either adore or avoid at all costs, but they can be great fun when you’re going there with your children. Guadalajara has its very own museum of this kind, filled with wax figures of famous historical figures and fictional characters.

Museum of Paleontology

If you’re a nature lover looking for a museum that will impress both you and your kids, this is the perfect fit. In addition to featuring geology exhibits, this museum has prehistoric fossils of some pretty impressive animals on display, including saber-tooth tiger and tusked mammoth.