Why Traveling Vietnam by Motorbike is the Way to Go

Photo by Karl JK Hedin on Unsplash

Few countries can rival Vietnam in terms of breathtaking natural beauty and welcoming locals. But the country’s travel network occasionally leaves something to be desired. Given that it is not always easy to access most of this amazing country by public transport, you will need to find your own way around.

Here are 5 reasons traveling Vietnam by motorbike is the best way around.

Poor Train Networks

While the country’s national train network is somewhat reliable and can get you across the country, it is only connected to the two main cities. It does not afford access to the rest of the country and so is not good for exploring.

Network of Narrow Roads

Vietnam is crisscrossed with winding narrow roads that lead all over the country. These can give you access to even the remotest parts and are best traveled by motorbike. Cars can sometimes be too wide to pass.

Frequent Motorbike Rental

There is a big motorbike and scooter industry in Vietnam. This means that it is easy to rent motorbikes and scooters from reliable companies.

Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash

Lots of Hotels

There are lots of hotels all over Vietnam so it is easy to find places to sleep if you are following the roads.

The Local Mode of Transport

Motorbike scooters are the main mode of travel for locals. This is because the roads and geography are best traversed by this mode of transport. They give you the freedom to go where you want on your own terms. Only this can give you free access to this jewel of a country.