3 Amazing Things to Do in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula

Yucatan Peninsula
Yucatan Peninsula. Photo by Joanna Szumska on Unsplash

The Yucatan Peninsula is home to emerald waters that turn into turquoise waves crashing on the white coral sand beaches. It has lush green forests dotted with Mayan ruins and a sea life ablaze with color. There’s even more you can enjoy at the Yucatan Peninsula, and here are some of its most precious benefits.

Coastal Town of Tulum

Being a sleepy coastal town once, Tulum is known for its soft, white sandy beaches. It is a haven, laid-back yet chic beach where you can explore Eco-friendly beach clubs and hotels, unique cultural beats, fresh ingredients, and a luscious jungle right down the sand.

Swim With Whale Sharks at Isla Holbox

Who doesn’t want to swim with whale sharks? After all, they are the largest fish in the ocean. Why not swim with them at the island paradise off the coast known as Isla Holbox for a real adventure? Don’t worry about them biting—they prefer plankton.

Mayan Food in Valladolid

It’s not the Spanish Valladolid! It’s a sleepy city sitting on the ancient Mayan settlement whose central plaza has Spanish-looking and traditional Mayan restaurants and food stalls. You can try its traditional food, including cochinita Pibil and Relleno Negro De Pavo.