You’d Never Guess Where You’ll Find This Art Installation

You might never have been to the capital of New York, Albany, and opted to go to the big apple instead. However, if you do happen to fly through Albany, you need to check out the amazing art that is housed in the airport!

An airport might not be the place you first think of when you think about art, but it just makes the airport that much cooler!

The Albany Airport Art and Culture program runs different exhibits and installations of all sorts in the airport. The program has actually been around for over 20 years and is what takes this small international airport to the next level.

The cool thing is that there is art in the terminals but there are also exhibits that happen before security so anyone can come and enjoy the art! Most importantly it is totally free and it’s actually open for a really long time, usually, from 7 am-11 pm, which is really unique.

Normally airports are places that you never want to spend extra time at, but if you are waiting for your flight or you just want to see another part of Albany, why not go to the airport for a little artistic getaway.