A Guide To Beijing’s 798 Art District

Photo by Kuan Fang on Unsplash

Beijing’s 798 Art District is an old military factory building that has been transformed into a cultural hub for Beijing’s unique art community. Following the rise of the Cultural Revolution in the mid-1900s, the 798 Art Zone grew into a space for creatives to connect and express themselves.

In 2002, the arrival of Beijing Tokyo Art Projects is what raised the space into a thriving art gallery. Artists such as Xu Yong and Huang Rui are featured in the 798 Space Gallery and seventeen years on, this section is still a highlight of the district.

Now, the district is filled with quirky bars, cafés, and restaurants. You will find a bunch of galleries, boutiques and art studios. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon if you are looking to be creatively inspired and enjoy the hipster side of Beijing.

There is plenty to explore in the arty district and at times, it is hard to believe that the thriving art space was once an abandoned military complex. Ullens Center for Contemporary Art is an essential stop for anyone who has a fascination with contemporary art and wants to learn. The gallery offers fantastic talks across the week and showcases some superb international artists.

Whatever your taste in art, you’re bound to find something which gets your creative juices flowing in Beijing’s 798 Art District. You won’t want to miss it.