You Won’t Believe These Las Vegas Facts

Las Vegas. The City of Lights.
Las Vegas. Photo by Grant Cai on Unsplash

Las Vegas, Sin City, The City of Lights, whatever you choose to call it, the Nevada city is full of glam, bright lights, and surprise. No matter how many times you’ve visited Vegas, we’re sure there’s a fact on this list you didn’t know. Here are five you won’t believe are true.

The Las Vegas Strip Isn’t in Las Vegas

While it’s called the Las Vegas Strip, the 4.2 mile stretch known for its resort hotels and casinos isn’t actually in Las Vegas. It’s south of the city in the towns of Paradise and Winchester.

There are About 150,000 Hotels

Due to the amount of tourists, there are about 150,000 Las Vegas hotel. Now that’s a lot of options!

Las Vegas Casinos Swap Competing Casino Chips

Most Las Vegas casinos will accept their competitors casino chips, which only happens in Nevada.

You Can Get Married Almost Anywhere

It turns out you can tie the knot almost anywhere in Vegas. Even breakfast food chain diner Denny’s has a wedding package that includes a wedding officiant, use of the diner’s chapel, a Champagne toast, two breakfasts, and a pancake wedding cake.

You Won’t Find Lottery Tickets

While Vegas is the self-proclaimed Gambling Capital of the World, you won’t find Powerball or scratch tickets as they’re prohibited in Nevada.