4 Things Not to Pack Next Time You Travel

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

So much of travel talk is about what you should pack when you go somewhere, but what about what you shouldn’t pack? Because some things do end up being worth less than their weight. Here are four of them.


If you aren’t going to wear it on the plane, leave your jewelry at home. Not only can it make you look like a target for theft, but you’ll be pretty upset if you accidentally lose it while you’re away.

Paper Books

We’re not saying you shouldn’t read on vacation, but paper books are just too bulky to be worth packing. Instead of lugging them around, download the books onto your iPhone or Kindle and be done with it.

Too Many Shoes

When you travel, one or two pairs of multi-functional shoes should be plenty. As much as you think you’ll need high heels or hiking boots, you’ll probably only touch them for a few hours on your whole trip, and it’s just not worth it.


Just use the hotel’s. Or, if you’re staying at a hostel, buy some cheap shampoo when you get to your destination. After all, all shampoo does in suitcases is explode, anyway.