You Must Visit This Unique Spanish Town

Setenil de las Bodegas is a unique town in Spain that’s located under a rock. Around 3,000 inhabitants are used to living together with a big rock that looks weird when you first see it but adds a lot to the town’s charm.

Why do people choose to live here? Believe it or not, they claim there are advantages to living in this unique city. They don’t need to build entire houses with complex cooling and heating systems. All they need are facades and the rock will do the rest.

The town has a rich history. The word “setenil” from its name refers to the seven times the Catholic rulers tried to take over its territory. They finally did it on the seventh attempt. Before that, the town was one of the last Muslim strongholds in Iberia.

The residents later began to use the shade provided by the rock to store produce, which lead to the town getting its full name – “bodegas” means “warehouse” in Spanish.