Travel the World by Teaching English Online

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In the first half of 2020, we’ve seen many companies transitioning to remove work due to the Covid-19 crisis. With people discovering the benefits of working from home and remote working, it’s likely that not everyone will bring work back to the office when it becomes safe.

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Would you rather go to bed at 3am OR wake up at 5am🤔? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself lately as there’s been sooo much work and online course creation on top of everything😴 I do it all with great pleasure but when you’re half asleep it doesn’t feel totally right #workharddieyoung 😅so I made a decision to put on hold all my online lessons as well as Digital English Teacher online course to dive into one more adventure of course creation🙃💪 ⠀ ✏️There are several things I’ve learned so far: Since creating a course requires a lot of commitment you have to have a very well-established motivation 🤩( e.g.a mission, dream, financial reward) ⠀ ✏️Collective mind is super powerful, so if you have like-minded people, it’s better to work on the course together with someone 🤝having previously distributed all your functions thoroughly🗣 I’m very lucky to have a partner this time but eventually due to a bad delegation we ended up doing the same job😒As the result, instead of 2 days we spent the whole week per each lesson😠 ⠀ ✏️Tech side of the course is as important as content as it will eventually be crucial in choosing how you will deliver the materials 🧐(e.g. what will go to the video and text formats, type of exercises etc.) ⠀ Next time I’ll share more on the course area, structure and format🤗 meanwhile we’ve got shooting of the video materials and frankly I’m a bit nervous😬 please wish me luck 🙏🏻😃

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One market, however, has always relied on remote workers and if you get a job in it, you’ll be able to travel the world while working and earning money to support your travels! We’re talking about teaching English as a second language, also known as ESL. Companies hire teachers from all around the world to provide daily classes for millions of people who want to learn English. How does that work?

The companies typically prefer employees from countries in which English is the first language. Others don’t require this, however, they do pay less. It also helps if you have a Bachelor’s degree, as many companies ask for it. Experience in teaching can also help you get a job faster and be paid better.

If you want to try out teaching ESL, don’t get discouraged if the initial payment is lower than what you expected. With some experience in the field, you’ll be able to get a raise or move to another company that pays better.