Why You Should Visit Cyprus

Kyrenia, Cyprus
Kyrenia, Cyprus. Photo by Secret Travel Guide on Unsplash

With year-round sunshine, turquoise seas, picturesque countryside, and fantastic food, Cyprus is an ideal holiday destination. This welcoming island nation is located in the eastern Mediterranean sea, with half of the island governed by Turkey and the other half governed by Greece. Once you’ve finished reading our top reasons to visit Cyprus, you’ll be booking flights before you know it!

Delicious Mediterranean-Meets-Middle-Eastern Food

Cyprus straddles both Europe and Asia. This unique location gives it a vibrant local cuisine, combining flavors from both the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern kitchens.

Super Fun Seaside Activities

If you love sailing, diving, water skiing, and more, the Cypriot coastline is your playground. Perfect for active holiday makers, Cyprus is well set up for water sports and offers many courses, equipment for hire and activity centers.

Diverse Natural Beauty

With rugged mountains, sandy beaches, river valleys, forests, and more, Cyprus has it all! The stunning scenery, as well as the diverse flora and fauna, will give you a chance to really get back to nature.

Year-Round Blue Skies

Cyprus is known for its year-round clement weather. With mild winters and warm summers, expect blue skies and sunshine on your Cypriot getaway!