Cities Around the World With the Best Fries

Poutine. Photo by @withlovefromchile on Unsplash

It seems as if almost every city in the world has their own version of fries. Somehow they’re all super unique (and delicious!). So, where are the best fries in the world?

Belgian Fries From Brussels

Belgian fries are easily some of the best fries in the world. They are always thick-cut, so you really taste the potato. The secret to their taste and crispiness is that they’re always double-fried!

Amsterdam Fries From Amsterdam

What’s better than fries that come in a paper cone? For whatever reason, they are even more fun to eat when they come in a cone shape–plus, they’re easier to eat on the go! 

Poutine Fries From Quebec

Poutine Fries are loaded with cheese curds and gravy, making it a heavy snack. If you love squeaky cheese, you’ll love these. 

Fish and Chips From London

If you want fries in London, you’ll have to ask for “chips”. There’s nothing more classic than fish and chips, and they are sure to leave you satisfied!

Pommes Frites From Paris

Despite most people calling fries, “French fries”, they didn’t actually originate there. Nevertheless, they still make great fries, but they’re called Pommes Frites! Try them drizzled with aioli instead of ketchup to get a more authentic experience.