Why Sicily Should Not be Missed

Sicily. Image via Daniele Putti/Pexels

Sicily is a large Mediterranean island just off the coast of southwest Italy. As an Italian region, it shares loads of similarities with its neighbor. But it also has such a rich and unique atmosphere and culture of its own and makes for the perfect holiday location. Here are some reasons why.


Sicily really feels like a tropical island in places, with beautiful sandy beaches dotted with luscious green foliage and crystal-clear blue waters. You’ll also find rolling hills covered in bright plants and flowers, and the incredible Mount Etna is also an incredible site to see. 


Sicily has a fascinating history, having been occupied by a wide variety of groups. You can see Greek, Roman, and Arab influences dotted throughout, and ancient ruins can be explored all over the island.


Sicilian food is world famous, with many popular dishes originating there. The prosperous land there combined with the masses of coastline means that there’s a wide range of local authentic meals to be found all over. Delicious arancini can be bought from street food stalls for a couple of euros, and the ricotta stuffed cannoli are out of this world.