Why Oman Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

Oman, Jordan
Oman, Jordan. Photo by Anfal Shamsudeen on Unsplash

Located on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Just across the water from Dubai, with its advanced infrastructure and modern flare. Oman is the complete opposite taking you on a historical adventure. If you’re looking for a special experience, this is the place for you, and here’s why. 


Oman has a rich cultural heritage that seamlessly blends the old and the new. From the historic forts of Nizwa to the vibrant markets of Muscat, every corner of the country tells a story of its past. In Muscat, all the buildings are still built only in white to preserve the historic culture and identity of the country’s capital. 

Spectacular Landscapes

Oman’s diverse landscapes range from pristine beaches along the Arabian Sea to the dramatic mountains of Jebel Shams. The Wahiba Sands, a vast desert with towering dunes, is also a destination not to be missed. 

Historic Architecture

The architecture of Oman reflects its rich history and Islamic influences. The Grand Mosque in Muscat is a stunning example of modern Islamic architecture, while the historic Bahla Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site, showcases traditional Omani craftsmanship.