Why 2024 Will Be The Year Of The ‘Slow Vacation’

Saltee Island Great, Ierland
Saltee Island Great, Ierland.Photo by Wynand van Poortvliet on Unsplash

2024 is touted to be the first year in which travel and vacations surpass pre-pandemic levels, which means that more and more of us will be taking a break. However, just as many of us jet off to new destinations and experiences, the trend for ‘slow vacations’ is growing. These vacations are those on which you really and truly switch off—often, they often digital detoxes, which means no phones, laptops or devices. They are also about focusing on the here and now, so will often involve staying in stunning destinations so that you can focus on the scenery around you. Here are three ideas of slow vacations you could take in 2024.

Phone Free Dolomites

The Dolomites are some of Europe’s most stunning mountains, and often countless jaw-dropping panoramas and backgrounds. You will certainly want to take some sort of camera to record some of your hikes, but don’t let it be your phone—if possible, leave it behind in your accommodation each day you set out. See if you can join a guided group hike, so that issues such as safety and finding the map without your phone are less of an issue. Or, if you want to trek alone, set a rule whereby you only use your phone for practical reasons.

Rural France

France has a naturally slower pace than countries such as the UK or the USA, and this is especially true in its rural regions. Head to the south of France and rent a house or chateau large enough to accommodate your group. Make the focus of the trip be cooking regional recipes (or eating out at local restaurants), enjoying the scenery and focusing on unwinding and relaxing. You could even follow in the footsteps of great artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and take the opportunity to do a little painting en plein air.

Wild Ireland

Ireland is home to some stunning scenery, as well as plenty of warm and welcoming towns and villages. Try a slow vacation on the west coast, so that you can embrace the wild, windswept scenery (don’t forget to retreat to a pub for a warm lunch and a drink when you need to). Bring books to read, puzzles to finish, knitting to start—whatever will let you focus on your relaxation time and forget about work.