Here’s Why You Should Plan a Trip to Chile

Guanacos in Torres del Paine National Park
Torres del Paine, Chile. Photo by Alex Wolowiecki on Unsplash

South America is a super popular continent for traveling. There are so many different countries to explore, with amazing landscapes, history, culture, and cuisine. Along the west coast stretching for over 6000km, you’ll find the country of Chile, which is an amazing travel destination. Here are a few reasons why you should plan a trip there.

The Landscape 

Chile is a very long country, and as such its landscapes change drastically from the north to the south. You’ll find incredible mountain ranges as well as idyllic vineyards and drastic deserts. The Parque Nacional Patagonia is well known for its stunning scenery and fantastic wildlife diversity. 

The Food

Chilean food is a wonderful mixture of flavors. Traditional Spanish dishes have influenced the indigenous Chilean cuisine, which uses all the fresh, locally produced vegetables and fruits. Seafood plays a huge role in the food in Chile, thanks to its abundance of coastline.

The Cities

The capital city of Santiago has so much to offer. It’s located on the coast and surrounded by the Andes Mountains, so it’s a stunning setting. The city’s cultural offerings are incredible too, with amazing museums, galleries, and nightlife. The port city of Valparaíso is also well worth a visit for its beautiful colorful houses built onto the cliffs