Where to Get Some Privacy in Big Cities

Finding privacy in big cities
Photo by Dan Freeman on Unsplash

If you’re not a city person and you’re traveling to a city, it might start to seem overwhelming after a while. There’s beauty in the chaos, but the constant noise, people, smells, and smog may make someone from a less urban area claustrophobic. If you start to feel that creep over you, you might be looking for some places to get some peace, quiet, and privacy. Here are the best spots to look in most cities.


Most big cities have a few big parks or gardens that are accessible by walking or public transport. Going out to the middle of them should get you a fair distance away from the noise, and no one will be trying to bother you or pushing past you in a rush. If you’re in a more dangerous area, though, try not to be there alone at night.


Again, most cities have a public library will plenty of space for reading and studying. And since it’s the library, quiet is required. They generally aren’t crowded, and they’re usually set up with a few desks in secluded corners where you can get away from others.


The one downside to museums is that they often cost an entrance fee, although many cities do have some free museums in an effort to make arts and culture accessible. In a museum there’s usually a mandate of respectful hush, and they’re usually clean and spacious which should help with feelings of claustrophobia.