These Best Friends are Proving it’s Never Too Late to Travel

Image via aroundtheworldat80/Instagram

No one wants to wake up at the age of 80 and feel regret about all the things they didn’t do. Well, Ellie Hamby and Sandy Hazelip are making sure that’s not them. At 81, the best friends have just completed a trip of 80 countries. It was Hazelip who came up with the grand idea.

“‘Ellie, why don’t we take a trip around the world in 80 days when we are 80?’” she recalled asking. After letting the shock settle, Hamby was all in. “Why not?!” she responded. 

The pandemic caused the travel buddies to postpone their journey by a year, but at 81, they are still putting many of us to shame. 

Travel has always been a point of connection for the Texas ladies who began taking trips together after both their husbands passed away. The 20-year friendship has involved more adventures than most people have throughout their entire lives.

During their most recent trip, the pair saw the Northern Lights in Finland, had dogsled rides in the Arctic Circle, tangoed in Argentina, threw coins in Rome’s Trevi Fountain, and rode camels in Egypt. 

And, amazingly, they never lost a single piece of luggage during the three months!