What Will Travel Look Like in Summer 2021?

    Travel plans this summer
    Photo by Aidan Formigoni on Unsplash

    As the world continues to advance in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccinations are being given out to millions around the world and restrictions are beginning to loosen as a light appears at the end of the tunnel. How will this affect travel in summer 2021? Will you be able to visit other countries and see the world? The answer is hopeful, but complicated.

    Who’s Vaccinated?

    Many countries have already begun setting up systems in which fully vaccinated travelers will be able to cross into their borders from abroad. This benefits travelers from places like the United States, the UK, and Chile, where nearly half of the population has been vaccinated against the disease.

    However, it might cause problems for people who want to travel from other countries where vaccinations have gone more slowly. Keep waiting for your chance to get the jab if you haven’t been lucky enough to do so yet, as this could open a mountain of possibilities.

    Tread Lightly

    While some countries are looking at this idea for vaccinated travelers, there are others that aren’t even taking vaccination status into consideration for travelers. Mexico is a good example. While this might be an easier option, keep in mind that you will need to take extra precautions while heading to countries like these.

    Be sure to keep a close eye on internet sources and news reports to see what restrictions and what possibilities will open up over the next few months. Our long travel nightmare might soon be coming to a close!