Must-See Places in Carcassonne, France’s Cité

Must-see spots in Carcossonne, France
Photo by Ian Kirkland on Unsplash

The quiet, assuming southwestern French city of Carcassonne is the home to one of the biggest hidden gems you’ll find anywhere in the country. Carcassonne’s Cité, its walled medieval city which dates back to the 6th century, is an architectural and cultural marvel. This 27-acre area is the home to a host of gems, including these three places you must take time to check out.

Château Comtal

Located at the highest point of the city of Carcassonne is the Château Comtal, a castle which dates back to the 12th century. Built over the western part of the city walls, you’ll learn about its history, including visits by French kings, and how it was restored in the 19th century.

Basilique Saint Nazaire

The most beautiful and impressive in the city is the Basilique Saint Nazaire, a Gothic and Romanesque marvel which was built in the first half of the 12th century. Here, you will find original stained glass windows as well as a massive structure designed in the shape of a cross.

The Walls

Arguably the most striking thing about the Cité of Carcassonne are the walls which protected and shielded it from outside intruders. Reaching heights between ten and 12 meters, towers are placed throughout the walls to give it support and provide lookout points hundreds of kilometers into the distance.