What to Pack for a Spa Day

Photo by shawnee wilborn on Unsplash

Many cities in the world offer a relaxing recreation in baths and spas, with the place and atmosphere varying from one location to another.

What should you pack for an entire day, and what should you not forget? Here are some tips:

Towels and a bathrobe

A full day at the spa or baths requires towels and a bathrobe to dry off between the wet attractions. Many places offer a paid or free towel service, but elsewhere you will be required to bring a towel.


Even in the cleanest spa, it is best to wear flip-flops when moving between rooms or pools. Bring comfortable ones that are suitable for wet floors.

Snacks and drinks

Many spas offer food and beverages on-site (for a fee or included in the entry price), but not all of them. Spending an entire day at a spa or bath can make you very thirsty, and you should be prepared in advance with food and drink.

Soap and shampoo

At the end of the day at the pool, you will want to shower and change back into the clothes you arrived with. You should have soap and shampoo with you, as some saunas or pools do not offer them in the showers.