What to Do With 24 Hours in Luxembourg

Vianden Castle in Luxembourg
Vianden Castle in Luxembourg. Photo by Mike van den Bos on Unsplash

Located between Belgium, France, and Germany, Luxembourg is known for being…well, small. Although it is mostly a rural country, Luxembourg City (its capital) has some really beautiful medieval architecture. If you’re in the area, we highly recommend taking the time to stop in this beautiful country. If you spend 24 hours in Luxembourg, here are some things you must do.

Palais Grand-Ducal

The Palais Grand-Ducal is a great tourist attraction. With beautiful architecture and history, this palace is a fun place to watch the changing of the guards. It’s also where the Grand Duke of Luxembourg carries out most of his duties.

Pont Adolphe

This bridge has become one of the greatest tourist attractions and representations of the nation of Luxembourg over the years. It is a beautiful sight, and it has even been constructed to include a bike path about five years ago! 

Vianden Castle

Dating all the way back to the 4th century, the Vianden Castle is a beautiful site to see. The castle looks beautifully historic and gothic. If you want a tour of the castle, it has been fully restored and is open for visitors!

Bock Casemates

If you’re a fan of tunnels and World War II history, you definitely need to check out the Bock Casemates in Luxembourg. It’s a really unique place with incredible views, and it’s highly recommended that tourists visit.