Warsaw, Poland is Home to Many Splendid Palaces

Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw Old Town, Warsaw, Poland. Photo by Elijah G on Unsplash

Each major city in Poland is home to many wonders of modern architecture, and its capital of Warsaw is no exception. You’ll be in awe of this city if you’re a big fan of castles and palaces, and here are a few that you shouldn’t miss while exploring Warsaw.

The Royal Castle

One of Warsaw’s top tourist attractions, this royal palace went through many changes over the centuries. It was originally conceived as a medieval Gothic structure before being reconstructed in Mannerist-Baroque style, and it now serves as a museum with an impressive art collection.

Krasiński Palace

Erected by the powerful Krasiński family during the 17th century, this baroque palace was heavily damaged during WWII before being restored to its former glory. If its ornate façade doesn’t take your breath away, you’ll certainly be wowed by its formal gardens that look straight out of a fairy tale.

Palace on the Isle

Located within the city’s largest park Royal Baths Park, this palace has more to offer than its beautiful natural surroundings. The 18th-century palace once served as a home to royals, and it comes with beautifully landscaped gardens, lavish rooms, and an extensive art collection.