Want to Beat the Heat? You’ll Love these Cool Summer Destinations

Fjaðrárgljúfur, Iceland. Photo by Serey Morm on Unsplash

With the turn of the seasons, the temperature begins to rise and masses of tourists begin to venture out of their houses and into new cities and places.

While summer is a fantastic time to travel and provides most people with their longest annual vacation period, it can be difficult to find places that you’ll enjoy visiting if you can’t stand the heat like me.

Lots of popular destinations on Earth are located in places where the high temperatures are just unbearable in the summer. If you want to avoid this, here are some recommendations for you.

Helsinki, Finland

One of my favorite summer destinations in Europe is Finland’s large capital city of Helsinki. With gorgeous architecture and a seaside location, you can enjoy all of the hallmarks of a great European city in summer with none of the heat. The average high temperature in July is only 70 degrees!

Vancouver, Canada

Located on the Pacific Ocean and enjoying a very moderate climate is the beautiful city of Vancouver. This city is an art lover’s dream and is located in the midst of picturesque green hills. You are guaranteed to love it.


With a name like this, you shouldn’t be surprised that you won’t be hot here! A nature lover’s paradise, Iceland is full of volcanic landscapes, unforgettable glacial lakes, and beautiful fjords. You can enjoy nature without breaking a sweat (literally!).