Visiting The Biggest Cave System In The World – In Kentucky!

Mammoth Cave is one of the most unique National Parks in America. While there are plenty of caves to visit in the country, this one is by far the biggest cave system in the world, with over 400 miles of explored territory. That’s almost twice as big as the second-largest one in Mexico – the Sac Actun underwater cave.

While the cave system is huge and researchers have been exploring this underground system for years, there are less than 10 miles of the cave open to the public. It may not seem like a lot, but each tour can last around 1-2 hours. The tours are led by professional park rangers and are extremely informative.

Domes and Dripstones, Frozen Niagra, and the Historic Tour are the most popular ones, and from these short tours, you can become an expert in how caves work and the mining and historical aspect of Mammoth Cave. At one point, all the lights are turned off, and everyone sits in total darkness and silence – an incredible experience!

Mammoth Cave National Park is only an hour and a half south of Louisville or an hour and a half north of Nashville, and with plenty of activities to do in both of those cities, it can easily be combined into a fun multi-day outing.

Not only are there cave tours, but there are also plenty of things to do above ground as well. Hiking trails, rivers, and campsites are some of the activities offered when visitors want a break from the cool, damp caves. The park offers a great opportunity to explore the relatively unknown underground world right below our feet.