Portuguese Dishes You Simply Must Taste

Photo by Tikkho Maciel on Unsplash

Portugal is a country that spreads out positive vibes, good energy, color in the world and exotic food. Here are some suggestions that you need to try if you want to experience the true taste of Portugal. 

Cozido à Portuguesa 

Made of slowly boiled meat, different vegetables and enchidos (sausages), this dish is an absolute favorite. Every city has its own variations, so in Algave they use sweet potato and mint, but in Minho they use chicken, while some recipes from Trás-os-Montes have three different types of sausages. However, most the recognizable cozido comes from São Miguel Island. 

Sopa da pedra 

According to legend, in the village of Almerim a homeless monk had nothing to eat, so he took a stone, cleaned it and started boiling it. As the villagers saw him, as a sigh of good will they all added something in the pot, like beans, meat and potatoes. When the soup was done, the humble monk invited everyone in the village to join him for dinner, after he previously took the stone out of course.   

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Cataplana de Mariso 

If you like sea food, this is a dish you’d like to try. Cataplana is actually a seafood stew served with rice or chips and is traditionally made in Algarve.