Visit Italy Through the Kitchen, with the Guidance of Skye McAlpine

For years, writer and a home cook Skye McAlpine has documented her love affair with Venetian home cooking on her dedicated blog and Instagram page – a love that found its way into several cooking books. Based between Venice and London (at least when traveling is permitted), McAlpine has amassed a massive following online, thanks to her scrumptious recipes that invite the reader into the Italian kitchen.

“I was born in London and grew up in Venice (my family moved there from England when I was six years old), and now I divide my time between the two cities,” McAlpine further explained in an interview with Julia Berolzheimer. “I guess because I’m from one place and live in another. I don’t really feel properly British or properly Italian—but a lot of both!”

This naturally also affects McAlpine’s cooking style. “I cook largely Italian food, but one of my favorite recipes is my Auntie Effie’s butter shortbread—and that’s about as British as you can get!” she jokes.

And while we still test the waters when it comes to travelling, there’s no stopping us from exploring Italy through our taste buds. McAlpine’s recipes include traditional Italian dishes as well as reinvented favorites. Those include classical Risotto, Scallops on the Shell with Pistachio Gratin, Grilled Radicchio with Pomegranate, and Chocolate and Amaretto Custard.

“Risotto is such comfort food,” says McAlpine, “but the touch of lemon makes it a lovely, delicate and elegant dish. The kind of thing you could happily eat on the sofa straight from the pan, or proudly serve at a dinner party. Also: I always have a few lemons lying around in the kitchen and rice in the cupboard, so it’s the kind of dish that I can easily throw together without thinking.”

Take note!