Vigo, Spain is a Stunning Christmas Destination

Photo by homydesign/Depositphotos

Are you looking for a city to travel to that will help you get into the holiday spirit? Well, look no further than the northwestern Spanish city of Vigo!

Located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in rainy Galicia, this city might be more famous for its stunning beaches and delicious seafood than Christmas. However, in recent years, Vigo has become one of the centers of Christmas spirit in all of Europe.

Every year in late November, the city illuminates over 10,000,000 LED Christmas lights in the city’s streets and squares to ring in the holiday season. This turns Vigo into a “city of lights” that must be seen in order to be believed.

In addition to the stunning number of lights, the city also features a 110-foot tall electronic Christmas tree that displays a variety of interesting light patterns and designs in the Porta do Sol area.

This year, Vigo will also debut a 200-foot tall ferris wheel that will allow visitors to ride up to see the lights from above. In addition, a Christmas market featuring artificial snow cannons and artisanal crafts will help revelers get into the holiday spirit.

So, if you are looking for a unique and stunning Christmas destination, put Vigo, Spain at the top of your list!