Unusual Museum You Have to Check Out in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Photo by Mateo Krössler on Unsplash

Eindhoven never gets as much attention as other major cities in the Netherlands, but museum-dwellers should still put it on their bucket list. This city is home to several unusual museums you can’t find anywhere else, including these four.

Van Abbemuseum

Eindhoven’s museum of modern and contemporary art just happens to be one of the most impressive institutions of its kind in the entire country. Its collection counts the works by Picasso, Kandinsky, Mondriaan, and Chagall among around 2,700 works it has on display.

Philips Museum

Eindhoven is home to several museums that honor its industrial heritage, and this one is the best example. This museum explores the history of this Dutch electronics company and how its products impacted developments in music, lighting, health, and communications.

DAF Museum

Another industrial museum located in Eindhoven will be a safe haven for fans of vintage cars. During your visit, you can discover many trucks and prototype vehicles produced by this Dutch truck manufacturing company over the past few decades.


What makes this “micro museum” so unique is that you don’t even have to step inside. It’s located inside the washhouse of the former linen factory, and you can enjoy its ever-changing exhibits by looking in through the windows from the outside.