The Best Tips for Visiting Ireland

Image via Aldo De La Paz on Unsplash

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ireland? Beautiful green grass? Old castles? or is it perhaps a lot of rain? Either way, this north-western European country has many great things to offer. This ultimate Ireland guide will help you avoid getting overwhelmed by it and skip the tourist traps.

“Four Seasons in One Day”

Due to its position, Ireland has a mild, but hot, changeable oceanic climate. The temperatures vary from 4°C to 7°C in winter and 14.5°C to 16°C in summer. Here you may experience “four-season seasons day”, so layering is a must. The best time to visit this island is in summer, however, bring an umbrella, because rain is always expected.

Look at the Bigger Picture

Ireland has three main lively cities: Dublin, Cork, and Galway, which are all rich in cultural life; they offer beautiful galleries, museums, theaters, pubs, and music. However, if you want to experience Ireland in full, escape the urban lifestyle, visit traditional Irish villages, and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes.

Save Money

If you are a student, a valid student ID will get you discounts for museums, galleries, buses, etc. If you’re looking to save money, prefer eating at local pubs as they are usually cheaper than restaurants.