Ukraine Is The Place To Be This Summer

Photo by Illia Cherednychenko on Unsplash

Ukraine is an amazing country; it has some of the most beautiful cathedrals that stand next to some of the hottest nightclubs in Europe. The land is full of natural wonders from lakes, to caves, and everything in between. Although it’s had some history from its neighbor Russia, this country is moving full force into the modern day, while still appreciating the beauty of it’s past.

It is a real hidden treasure buried deep in Europe, waiting to be uncovered. So visit Ukraine if you are looking for rich architecture and an all around good time.

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Kiev is the capital and largest city in Ukraine. This is a place that you could probably recognize from its many monuments and buildings but not put a name to it. Simply walk around Kiev and find one beautifully adorned church after another. One of the most famous churches in Kiev and one of the oldest in the world is Saint Sophia’s Cathedral. There is also the monastery of Kiev Pechersk Lavra, and its most famous building, Uspenski Cathedral. This monastery is located right in the heart of the city and is completely a must-see in Kiev.

Kiev also has many usual things to do you wouldn’t normally find on vacation. Visit the One Street Museum for the beautiful collections of over 7,000 keepsakes and antiques from Ukraine, as well as something quite unique; death masks. Death masks are a mold of a person’s face after they pass away, and the director of this museum has searched the globe for ones of the most prominent scientists, artists, and writers. Some of the masks include that of Sir Isaac Newton, Anna Pavlova, and Leon Trotsky. Although it doesn’t seem like the most cheerful thing to do on vacation, it is really an experience worth having.


If you’re looking to take a bit of a more mellow vacation while in Ukraine, travel down south to Odessa. This city is right on the coast of the Black Sea and as beautiful sandy beaches, which is rare in the area as many in Ukraine and elsewhere in the region are rocky. Odessa is a fun beach city with a lot of history, including buildings like the Vorontsov Palace, and the Holy Assumption Cathedral. What’s perfect about Odessa is that it gets warm enough in the summer to enjoy tanning at the beach, but not hot enough to stop you from walking around this enchanting city.

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Odessa has been booming in its gastronomical community. You can experience so many types of cuisines all in one place, and usually with a uniquely Ukranian touch. If you’re looking for a refined but true Ukranian meal, go to Kuraneats. This restaurant is in the city center and says Ukraine from the decor to the traditional dishes, served elegantly and with class. Columbus is the restaurant to go if you are looking to taste the fruits of the Black Sea. This restaurant focuses on seafood, sourced locally by the bountiful Black Sea.