Try High-Speed Rail Travel Between These European Cities

Photo by Charles Forerunner on Unsplash

High-speed rail is all the rage these days. This environmentally-friendly and convenient transportation option is especially popular in Europe, where governments have invested in creating high-speed rail connections between the continent’s biggest cities.

If you find yourself on a European vacation, try moving in a high-speed train between these city pairs and check out two cities without having to mess with airplanes or buses!

Madrid and Barcelona, Spain

Spain is a pioneer in high-speed rail service, offering some of the most complete high-speed services in the world. The comfortable connection between Madrid and Barcelona, the country’s two biggest cities, is made in just 2 and a half hours and offers the best option between these two globally-known metropolises.

London, England and Paris, France

Want to see two of the continent’s most important cities, located in two different countries, without getting on a plane? The journey between London and Paris takes just over two hours and utilizes the Channel Tunnel, a marvel of engineering that connects the European mainland to Great Britain with an underwater tunnel.

Lisbon and Porto, Portugal

Portugal has been a trending country recently, with the beautiful capital city of Lisbon and the timeless second city of Porto attracting a lot of visits and attention. It’s easy to travel between these two cities on the country’s Alfa Pendular train in a comfortable journey that takes only 2 hours and 41 minutes.