Traveling By Car vs By Train—Which is Best For You?

Woman waiting for the train
Image by wal_172619 from Pixabay

There are so many different ways to travel. Some people love to hop on flights and others prefer to explore their nearby area. If you are traveling across land and want to stop off fairly frequently, then your best two transport options are trains or a vehicle (your own or hired). Here are some things to consider when deciding which is best for you. 

You Can Look at the Views on a Train

If you love staring at the beautiful scenery as you pass by it, then a train is perfect. If you’re driving a vehicle you can look briefly but can’t really relax and enjoy the views.

You Have More Freedom in a Vehicle

If you enjoy the sense of ‘going with the flow’ and working out your plans as you go along, then train travel is not ideal. You will have pre-booked journeys to stick to, whereas with a vehicle you can change your plans as often as you like. 

Trains Get You Right Into a City

If your travel plans would include some city exploring then trains can be way more helpful for this. You don’t have to worry about finding parking and can just hop off the train right in the center. 

You Can Get to More Isolated Places in a Vehicle

If you want to head to wild, natural spaces then a vehicle is a much better option than a train, where your routes and timings are very restricted.