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It’s always been important for people who consider themselves to be travelers to get to know their local area as well as international travel, but with low-cost flights priced at such competitive rates and AirBnB price tags, it’s sometimes easier to fly away than travel local.

We thought we’d offer some ideas for keeping local travel on a budget and really get to know your own back yard.


Cycling is a great way to see cities, but also experience some national parks that have dedicated bike routes. Either cycle from your home to somewhere near, load your bike on a car rack, or hop on a train with a bike.

Sleep Cheap

Since you’re not paying for luggage, why not consider camping if you’re planning on natural landscapes? Buy a tent that fits your needs and practice a few times, there’s nothing better than spending the night in the privacy of the great outdoors.

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Weekdays Travel

We tend to take holidays only for faraway trips and so our impression of local travel is only of what it looks like on the weekends when everyone else visits, just like you. Try booking a week off from work to travel locally and discover peace and quiet you never felt before.