3 Tasty Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico

There are many great reasons to travel to Puerto Rico, but not all of them can be described as delicious. However, if you plan your trips with your taste buds, you’re going to want to explore these directions.

Mofongo (and Trifongo)

Probably the most famous Puerto Rican food. Mashed deep-fried green plantains with fillings, which are normally vegetables and either pork, steak, or seafood. Trifongo is the same dish but with the addition of sweet plantains, just to amp up the taste.


This is basically an ingredient of mofongo that is so tasty it deserves its own item on the list. Tostones are green plantains sliced and fried twice. Matched with rice and beans this simple dish is perfection.


Since we’re going for fried, the last dish to taste continues the trend. Alcapurrias are fritters made of grated taro root and green plantains on the outside and stuffed with meat, fish, or seafood. These delicacies are then deep-fried and sold mostly at the side of the road or in street food stalls.