Top 5 Lake Tahoe Beaches

Lake Tahoe highway loop.
Lake Tahoe highway loop. Photo by Jacob Laducer on Unsplash

Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America. Spanning over two states, Nevada and California, it is famous for its alpine ski resorts as well as its beautiful beaches. Today we will focus on the latter. Here are 5 of the best beaches in Lake Tahoe.

Nevada Beach

Hailed as the best beach on the southside of Lake Tahoe, Nevada beach is positioned in the perfect location, facing the Sierra Nevada mountains. At sunset, you will enjoy a magnificent colorful view of the sky reflecting on the lake.

Sand Harbor

If you’re visiting the north side of Lake Tahoe, Sand Harbor beach is a great choice. Located in Nevada State Park, this beach has crystal clear waters, perfect for swimming. You can also take a paddleboard or kayak tour.

Pope Beach

Nature lovers and photographers adore Pope Beach, because of its serenity, beautiful pine trees, and lovely sunsets. This quiet beach makes for a great picnic spot.

Kiva Beach

If you want to bring your furry friend to Lake Tahoe, check out the dog-friendly Kiva Beach. This beach has no parking fee or bathrooms (only portable potties), so it’s usually less crowded than the others.

Commons Beach

Commons Beach is the perfect choice for families, as it offers plenty of amenities. These include picnic tables, restrooms, a grassy area, a climbing rock and a playground for kids, and more.