Top 5 Gelato Shops in Florence, Italy

If you ever find yourself in Florence, Italy, you’ll probably get a craving for gelato at some point. The question is, where should you go? We’ve rounded up the top five gelato shops in Florence to make your decision a little easier (but we wouldn’t judge if you decided to try them all).

Perché No!

Perché No! is known for being the best gelato in Florence. Located on Via dei Tavolini, this place is a must-go for Florence visitors looking for the best cure for their sweet cravings. They also have flavors that change seasonally, so you’ll never get tired of visiting!

Gelateria La Carraia

A cute, family-own gelato shop is enough to make your heart soar, but wait until you see the portion sizes! This place really knows how to load a cone (or cup). 

My Sugar Gelato Artigianale

Another shop that people claim has the best gelato in the world would have to be My Sugar Gelato Artigianale. It is by far some of the smoothest and tastiest treats in Florence!

Cantina del Gelato

Cantina del Gelato does more than just gelato (although we recommend trying the gelato because they have super unique flavors!). They also serve crepes and smoothies.

RivaReno Gelato Firenze

RivaReno Gelato Firenze will leave you dreaming about their gelato long after your trip is over…seriously, read the reviews on Google! This place gives all other gelato places some true competition.