3 National Parks to Visit in Northern Israel

Tiberias, Israel
Tiberias, Israel. Photo by Thalia Tran on Unsplash

Next time you’re in Israel, we recommend heading north. The north of Israel is filled with lush, green landscapes, exciting hikes, and freshwater pools to cool off in. From the flower-filled Golan Heights to brilliant bird-watching in the Upper Galilee, here are some of our favorite national parks to explore in Northern Israel.

Gamla National Park & Nature Reserve

Spot nesting eagles and vultures, the ruins of an ancient town, and the highest waterfall in Israel when you visit Gamla National Park and Nature Reserve. This unique national park is located in the Golan Heights.

Hula Valley

For all the nature nuts out there, the Hula Valley cannot be missed. A site of international importance, this wetland habitat is a key resting spot for migrating birds on their way from Europe to Africa. The huge flocks of cranes are particularly special.

Yehudiya Forest & Waterfall

If you love wild swimming, this is the spot for you. Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve is full of waterfalls, deep pools surrounded by unique rock formations, and fresh springs. Head there in the warmer months for a refreshing dip in the water.