Top 5 Foods to Try When in Hong Kong

Photo by Andrew Wulf on Unsplash

Did you know that Hong Kong has the most Michelin-star restaurants in the world? And not only that, there are tons of places to eat with over 12,000 restaurants in the city. Hong Kong food is super unique because it’s heavily influenced by China with some Western influences as well. Make sure to try these five dishes when visiting Hong Kong.

Dim Sum

Dim Sum is everywhere in Hong Kong and this Cantonese steamed dumpling comes in tons of varieties. The Har Gow (steamed shrimp dumplings) and Cheong Fun (steamed rice rolls or noodle rolls) made with shrimp, beef, or barbequed pork shouldn’t be missed.

Char Sui

Barbeque food is super popular in the city and this Cantonese-style barbequed pork marinated with five spice, rose liqueur, soy bean paste, and glazed with honey or syrup is absolutely delicious.

Pineapple Bun

Even though they have pineapple in their name, these sweet, soft buns actually don’t have pineapple in them. But they sure are yummy.

Snake Soup

This may not be for everyone, but don’t let the name deter you. Yes, it has snake in it, but it’s really nutritious and it tastes like chicken and mushroom soup.

Roast Goose

Whole goose roasted with secret ingredients that’s cut into small pieces and enjoyed with plum sauce is a traditional Cantonese speciality that people rave about.