Top 3 Travel Trends From Pinterest You Should Try in 2022

Beach at night
Photo by Recal Media on Unsplash

New Year is finally upon us and it’s bringing many amazing adventures our way. If you’re looking for some travel inspiration, Pinterest is always a good place to start. Their list of trend predictions for 2022 includes several travel-related entries and here are three that you really need in your life.

All-Inclusive Travel

According to Pinterest, 2022 will be all about embarking on trips where we can simply sit back and relax, without a worry in the world. All-inclusive travel is going stronger than ever, with lavish resorts experiencing a huge rise in popularity, especially the ones located in the US Virgin Islands.

After Hours

If you only tend to explore new cities by day, you should consider changing your ways in 2022. Pinterest users are going crazy for nighttime adventures, from midnight road trips, hitting the beach at night, and taking photos of city lights.

Lake Adventures

“Lake it ‘till you make it” should be your new mantra in 2022. You don’t have to book a holiday at a lavish sea resort to enjoy it because lakes will have their moment in the sun next year. Lakeside resorts, homes, and pontoon boats are all the rage on Pinterest and you can also look for inspiration for your next lake outfit.